Community Guidelines


Updated April 21, 2021

The Shooter Club Mission 

Shooter Club is the #1 online marketplace to discover music videographers and book music video shoots for artists. We’re built on the foundation of trust, best interest of our community, and thus we do have Community Guidelines that we’ve created and actively enforce. We take violations of these Community Guidelines seriously and may suspend or terminate an Account for ongoing or serious violations. We reserve the right to also edit or remove content on our site that violates these Community Guidelines or if we believe it adversely affects the integrity of the Shooter Club platform or it’s users.

While many other marketplaces charge commission and other hidden fees with every transaction for services provided by their freelancers, Shooter Club remains committed to providing all artists with a 100% free service that allows them to easily find and book videographers they need for music videos.  By offering a flat All-Inclusive membership to videographers, shooters worldwide  can easily land video shoots with artists anywhere in the world without having to worry about marketplaces dipping into their pockets through commission fees.  At Shooter Club we not only prioritize the needs and wants of the artist but also the professionals that put it all together, the shooters.  As Shooter Club videographers, transactions are handled by only the videographer and artist.  This means that payment terms are completely up to the videographer.  Videographers will receive 100% of what they charge their customers each and every time. 

By using Shooter Club, you agree to our Community Guidelines. If you have any questions about these Community Guidelines or if you believe that a user has violated these Community Guidelines, please email us immediately at



Videographers must:

1. Comply with local laws, local zoning ordinances, and tax laws at all times.

Shooter Club acts as a communication platform and is not liable for ensuring compliance by videographers. It is the responsibility of videographers to ensure all local laws, zoning ordinance, and also tax compliance are met. Any payments that you collect that originate through our communications, booking requests, or otherwise from Shooter Club are also subject to any business reporting you are currently responsible for. If you are responsible for charging local taxes on services, you must also comply with these regulations and let all users know of any applicable taxes that they may be charged off our platform.


2. Accurate representation of the pricing, and services for each videographer.

Most artists and those looking to book music video shoots have not met you in person, so be honest and clearly represent the equipment and services that you are offering.  It is highly recommended that you briefly video chat with artists prior to requesting funds to avoid scamming.  It is also recommended to request payment as a business transactions rather than a personal transaction of funds to ensure both sides are protected.  Do not misrepresent pricing or dishonestly make claims by any means. We will take proactive action if it is reported or discovered that you are misrepresenting the services that you offer.


3. Only list offers that you are allowed to offer.

Only list the services and equipment that you have the authority to do so for. If it is discovered that you are misrepresenting your services or equipment your account will be suspended or banned.



Artists must:

1. Comply with all videographer rules, policies, and booking agreements.

All artists and those that have booked a shoot through Shooter Club must arrive on time at the agreed location and communicate respectfully.  Videographers take pride in their equipment and their profession and will be expecting the same professional respect and courtesy that they are providing.


2. Never engage in illegal or prohibited activity on music video sets.

All local laws are enforceable and videographers can notify authorities if laws are being broken on their property or on their video sets. Never engage in any illegal activity on studio property or premises.  Do not bring weapons to a music video set or cash, these props must be planned for in advance and handled professionally.


Cancellations & Refunds

In the event that a booking which originates from the Shooter Club platform needs to be modified or cancelled for any reason, both parties will be responsible for any modifications or cancellation directly. Shooter Club is not a party to any contractual booking agreement between both parties, we are solely a platform that helps Artists discover videographers and their services, and then helps them communicate directly for the intended use of bookings. Shooter Club is therefore not responsible for any modifications or cancellations. We encourage both parties to communicate in a timely through our platform or other means in the event this should occur.

Shooter Club does allow videographers to identify their cancellation policy on their listing directly for informational purposes and reference. By using the Shooter Club platform, you must communicate and agree to any cancellation policy that is identified on a listing, through direct messaging, or as otherwise communicated outside of our platform as it may apply to any booking agreement that is eventually made. As Shooter Club does not process any fees or payments through our platform, we are not responsible to provide any refunds to either party for any payments made or received.


Everyone must:

1. Communicate honestly with others.

Shooter Club is a trusted marketplace and depends on the honesty, integrity, and best interest of everyone that uses the platform. Only message others with the best intent in mind, do not make false claims, misrepresentations, do not engage in fraudulent activity, and do not willingly be deceitful.


2. Use our platform for the intended use of Shooter Club.

Shooter Club is a communication platform with the intended use for artists to discover, message and request to book videographers. It also offers music videographers the opportunity to easily list their services to others and network with fellow videographers. Any messages that are not intended for this purpose, are misrepresented, have fraudulent intent, or otherwise deemed harmful to either user will be immediately reviewed and if necessary, appropriate and legal action may be taken by Shooter Club. All users and booking requests are also applicable to the Terms of Service that is agreed upon by using the platform.

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