The Easiest Way
To Book Your Next Music Video

How Shooter Club Works

1. Use The Advanced “Artist 1st” Search Engine To Find Your Shooter

No more DM’s, no more emails and no need to rely on just word of mouth.  Find the best videographers ready to shoot music videos anywhere in the world using our advanced “Artist 1st” search engine.

2. Select Your Package and Artist Accommodations

Select the package for your shoot and add “Artist 1st accommodations” to ensure that you have everything you need to go viral.

3. Send Your Booking Request.

Instantly send your request to your videographer at no charge.

4. Confirm Your Shoot With Your Shooter.

Consult with your videographer through the Shooter Club Connect Messaging Service, agree to terms and schedule your shoot.

5. Shoot Your Video.

Go Viral!

At Shooter Club, we put the artist first

With our Free artist membership, artists can utilize our Artist Accommodations search engine designed to allow them to quickly find the videographers that will bring their vision to life on any budget.  Whether it be car rental, green screen shooting, casting, drone shooting, behind the scenes footage and even Youtuber packages, Shooter Club has got you covered.  Shooter Club does not charge commission, processing or any other hidden fees on any transactions for the artist or videographer.  Simply send booking requests to videographers easily and quickly at NO cost to you.


A booking request form designed for Artists & Videographers

At Shooter Club, artists and videographers alike can utilize the most complete booking request form designed for music video shoots and dramatically cut or even eliminate long consultations.  Once artists complete the form in just a few minutes, videographers will instantly receive artist names, email accounts, phone numbers, song titles, audio files, preferred dates, artist accommodations from customized menus, descriptions of artist concepts and reference video links that will help the videographer clearly understand the vision artists may have for their shoot.

Shooters enjoy an easy, hassle free process

No more DM’s and back & forth emails with artists. Shooter Club eliminates many of the headaches that come with booking music video shoots from negotiations, payments, and promoting your videographer services to artists. Due to our unique All-Inclusive videographer membership plan starting at just $19.99 per month, we allow videographers to enjoy the ease of our custom booking service without having to worry about a marketplace dipping into their pockets and making money off of their hard work.  That’s right, no commission, booking or any other hidden fees to you or your artist!


Some have described Shooter Club as a “Craigslist on steroids”, built specifically for music videographers.  We simply promote your unique services and bring artists to you!  At Shooter Club, we guarantee that what you charge your customers is exactly what you will receive, guaranteed!   And no more of the one size fits all approach when pricing your services.  Through “Artist Accommodations” you can adjust your prices based on the accommodations artists select for their package, such as car rentals, location scouting, special effects, BTS shooting and more; allowing you to totally monetize everything you do on your own terms on a case by case basis.  Be your own boss.

Consult & Edit with your artist Virtually!

Using our Shooter Club Connect messaging service, videographers and artists can privately text, audio and video chat to discuss any details on a video shoot or editing process.  Shooter Club connect even includes Screen Sharing capabilities that allow videographers to invite artists to the editing process live, ensuring that both parties are on the same page.


In order to help recruit the most talented and experienced videographers, artists & videographers can earn extra cash by recruiting videographers to become Shooter Club members.  Shooter Club ambassadors will be paid $9.99 for every recruit that becomes a paid member.  Please note: this does not apply to recruits that are currently under free or trial memberships.


Imagine a social media network like facebook or twitter built with only the music videographer in mind.  That is exactly what our Film Crews feature offers to all members completely free.  Networking with other shooters has never been easier.  Need another grip or photographer for Saturday’s shoot? Or a casting director to bring in some experienced models on short notice?  Our film crew network has got you covered, quickly build your crew with experienced professionals you can trust and land the big gigs you’ve been looking for.

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