Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shooter Club free?
Shooter Club is 100% free for artists looking to book videos. There are no processing or hidden fees.

Shooter Club does offer two All-Inclusive membership plans for videographers to offer services to artists. We do not charge any additional commission or processing fees for transactions as Shooter Club is primarily a messaging service for artists to discover videographers to shoot music videos. Transactions are the responsibility of the videographer and artists. This also the case in regards to liability.

These membership plans also include free access to our film crew features that allow videographers to network with shooters all over the world to collaborate, share information and land bigger shoots. The two membership plans for videographers are as follows:

Basic membership: this membership gives access to all features and the opportunity to create and join film crews. However there is no verified badge and no social media promotion available.

Pro membership: this membership offers all features included in basic plan and verified status designated by a blue check. This gives videographers priority in search results. Every verified pro will also be promoted free of charge on our social media pages per videographer request.

How can artists protect themselves and avoid scams from fake accounts?
Because Shooter Club does not manage transactions between videographers and artists, it is recommended that artists follow these tips when making a payment.

1. Understand that at Shooter Club, we prioritize the trust and safety of our artists. All users with either Pro or basic memberships will be vetted and verified by social media accounts, government ID and other items to avoid fraudulent accounts. It is important to personally review all credentials, videos, views, and social media accounts associated with the videographer in their profile.

2. It is highly recommended that artists always video chat with their videographer before making a payment. This is the easiest way to confirm that the person you are speaking with is an actual videographer.

3. Send a Dm to the instagram account linked to the videographer profile page.

4. Another great way to protect yourself is to submit payments through Paypal or other payment gateways as business transactions instead of personal (friends & family) transactions. We understand that there is usually a higher processing fee for these types of payments, but it is the best way to avoid potential issues as business transaction payments allow artists to recover their funds if a problem arises. For example; if there is a business transaction and you discover that you have been the victim of a scam, you will be refunded through the payment gateway. You are liable if this payment is a personal (family and friends) transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are the victim of a scam, please contact us via email at . The videographer will have their account suspended immediately and potentially banned depending on the results of our investigation.

What are film crews?
Film Crews allow videographers to network with each other. It is basically a social network for videographers looking to learn from each other and land bigger and better gigs through making valuable connections.
How can I become an ambassador?
Register to become an ambassador for free by clicking on the Film Crews tab and selecting become an ambassador. Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team. If approved, Ambassadors earn $9.99 for every videographer they recruit that becomes a paying member ( the videographer is a member beyond the trial or free coupon period). Payments to ambassadors with new recruits are paid each month and can be tracked easily through the Ambassador dashboard, located in the Film Crews Tab once logged in. Please note: You do not need to be an artist or videographer to become an ambassador.
Can you promote my video on your homepage?
Yes, if approved artists or videographers can request to have their videos posted on our homepage. Please send requests to