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How Shooter Club Works

1. Use The Advanced “Artist 1st” Search Engine To Find Your Shooter

No more DM’s, no more emails and no need to rely on just word of mouth.  Find the best videographers ready to shoot music videos anywhere in the world using our advanced “Artist 1st” search engine.


2. Select Your Package and Artist Accommodations

Select the package for your shoot and add “Artist 1st accommodations” to ensure that you have everything you need to go viral.


3. Send Your Booking Request.

Instantly send your request to your videographer at no charge.


4. Confirm Your Shoot With Your Shooter.

Consult with your videographer, agree to terms and schedule your shoot.


5. Shoot Your Video.

Go Viral!

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Videos Of The Week

As an experienced casting director, I know how challenging the music video booking process can be. I've always hated instagram hunting and relying just on word of mouth. Shooter Club eliminates the headache of back and forths with dm's and emails and provides a simple and quick approach to bring the artist's vision to life.
Shawn Foxx
My favorite thing about the site is definitely the Film Crews feature. It's kind of like facebook but it's only for the shooter community and it's helped me land way better gigs with way bigger budgets.
Josh Jackson
I love that I'm in control of every booking, No commissions or hidden fees for my hard work.
Pollo Visions
As a traveling artist, I love that I can easily book videographers ready to shoot my music videos wherever I go in minutes.

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